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The Importance of Regular Dental Check-Ups for Children

Whether they still have their baby teeth or are growing permanents, nurturing our children’s teeth during each stage of development is one of the most important factors for their overall health.

At our dental clinics, we firmly believe it’s never too early for children to begin brushing up on their oral health. In fact, there are many benefits of taking your child for regular dental check-ups that last well into adulthood. Here’s our top three reasons to take your child for regular dental visits.

1. Teaches Good Oral Health from an Early Age

It’s never too early to learn the importance of proper oral hygiene. So parents need to work with their family dentist to instil good oral health care in their children, with visits to the dentist at least once a year helping to achieve this. Regular check-ups from a young age offer a great opportunity for children to learn from professionals about proper oral hygiene techniques like brushing and flossing to keep a clean mouth.

With regular check-ups, children are also more likely to develop a positive attitude towards dental visits. Experiences as a child will shape a person’s view towards the dentist for the rest of their life, so it’s important they grow accustomed through regular check-ups early on. While the dental surgery may not seem initially inviting to a child, with regular trips they will get used to the process and feel more at ease.

A good children’s dentist can perform a routine procedure such as regular cleaning while also giving a child a favourable view of the dental visit. At St John Medical by St John, our child-friendly dentists use a caring and gentle approach with your children to make them as comfortable as possible while explaining what they are doing and why it needs to be done.

2. Allows Oral Health Problems to be Caught Quickly

Addressing problems as soon as they surface stops oral diseases from getting worse and saves time and money on treatment later on. These problems can be caused by diet, dental hygiene and even the jaw, and can be detected early on through routine check-ups.

Ensuring a clean mouth requires removing any built up plaque or tartar as well as eliminating surface stains, which prevents bacteria from sticking to the tooth. As many young children have not yet mastered the motor skills necessary to brush and floss effectively, regular trips to the dentist for a professional clean is essential for targeting the buildup and debris they may have missed.

These same bacteria from the plaque and tartar are what cause cavities and tooth decay in the long run. Given tooth decay is one of the most common children’s oral diseases and they are more likely to develop cavities earlier on, an essential part of any regular check-up is finding decay and cavities before they worsen.

Fortunately, it’s easier to identify problems like cavities in the earliest stages where it can be stopped or managed quicker; Whereas neglecting cavities allows them to grow and damage tooth structure further, leading to infections and advanced dental procedures such as fillings and extractions during adolescence.

3. Ensures Healthy Development of the Teeth and Mouth

Visiting the dentist every twelve months helps to maintain and improve the state of your child’s teeth. Baby teeth are the starting ground for adult teeth – so when baby teeth are healthy, it’s easier for adult teeth to come in healthier and straighter.

Neglecting to properly care for baby teeth may cause them to fall out too soon, causing the remaining teeth to move forward. As a result, permanent teeth are more likely to grow crooked and out of place. Maintaining healthy teeth during the early stages of development also helps prevent additional orthodontic work in the future.

Similarly, regular check-ups also help you stay informed on your child’s dental health. These visits allow you to monitor your child for signs, such as crowded, missing or crooked teeth, that might hint at orthodontic work needed in the future, which can be tremendously valuable when provided early.

At St John Medical by St John, we want your children to have happy and healthy teeth for life. That’s why we’ve included Dentistry. So send your child back to school with a perfect smile by booking an appointment today.

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