New St John Health Centre for Osborne Park

The Osborne Park community is set to benefit from the latest expansion of St John WA’s Urgent Care service, providing medical care for urgent but non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses.

In partnership with the Federal Government, the new St John Health Centre Osborne Park will open on 11th July. Providing an extensive range of treatments in one convenient location, the Centre will offer Urgent Care, GP, pathology, x-ray and plaster casting.

Urgent Care is available when it’s urgent but not an emergency for the treatment of sprains, broken bones, wounds, minor illnesses and injuries, between 8am to 9pm daily.

The new Osborne Park Health Centre (behind the Subaru car dealership) has been purpose-built to cater specifically to the urgent care model. With modern treatment rooms, x-ray, casting and pathology facilities on site, it delivers quality care to patients when they need it most. In addition to offering Urgent Care, the clinic will also include traditional GP and Dental* services for day-to-day family health and dental needs.

Great for injuries and illnesses that are urgent, but not life-threatening

St John Urgent Care is not an Emergency Department. Instead, they offer care from 8am to 9pm for injuries and illnesses that need immediate treatment but aren’t life-threatening.

“Osborne Park is the sixth St John Health Centre to open in WA. Based on the uptake at existing locations, we expect the new Osborne Park centre to be very popular,” said Darren Webb, Executive Director- Primary Health at St John WA.

“Many patients in WA attend ED for minor injuries and illnesses because they don’t see any alternative. Injuries and illnesses don’t adhere to a schedule- they happen when they happen. Often when people injure themselves, local services are closed or lack appointments or they don’t have facilities such as x-ray to manage injuries in a single visit. To address this, St John Urgent Care is open long hours, evenings and weekends, 365 days a year. We have an x-ray, plaster casting and splinting facilities onsite, and a team experienced in the management of injuries and minor illnesses.”

“For any life-threatening emergency, patients should always go straight to ED”, Mr Webb emphasises. “But for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses, St John Urgent Care is here when you need us.”

Walk-in Urgent Care. Appointment-based GP and Dental services

St John Urgent Care is a walk-in service, and same-day appointments are available for its GP and dental practices.

Mr Webb said, “St John WA has been looking after the community for around 130 years. Our Urgent Care service is just another way we are providing care to people. We have GPs and dentists on-site for day-to-day family health needs, as well as trained urgent care practitioners for more urgent medical matters. I think we can make a real difference to patients. Next time you have an injury or an illness that is not life-threatening, consider St John Urgent Care.

* Dental opens Monday 8th August.

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