St John Nurses Add Fibreglass Cast Skills to Their Armoury

Nurses Armed with New Fibreglass Cast Skills

St John (SJWA) has reaffirmed its dedication to world-leading clinical standards for its Urgent Care nurses with an ambitious initiative of hosting a series of best-in-class training sessions aimed at enhancing proficiency in applying casts and splints featuring cutting-edge fiberglass technology.

So, what’s all the hype? Fibreglass casts are the next step in orthopaedic care, providing a lighter, stronger and more durable alternative to the traditional plaster of Paris casts.

Not only are fibreglass casts quicker to apply, but they also provide greater immobilisation of the limb and are ‘radiolucent’ making radiology a quicker process for both patients and the medical team.

SJWA recently hosted a series of training sessions led by orthopaedic industry expert John Kinealy, aimed at improving patient care through enhanced fibreglass application techniques.

Set to revolutionise patient care, the training introduced what industry experts are calling ‘the future’ of casts and splints.

SJWA Staff Development Nurse Mark Pascual said that while fibreglass application could be complex, it was the next step for a broken leg (or arm).

“Fibreglass can be a more preferrable immobilisation option for fracture management due to its lighter and stronger construct, yet shorter curing time compared to plaster of Paris casts,” Mr Pascual said.

“Fibreglass application can be daunting, but with the right training we can instil confidence in the team, which ultimately benefits the safety and satisfaction of our patients.”

The training forms part of a commitment to provide the team with the latest skills and knowledge to ensure the highest level of patient care.

Additionally, the organisation has plans for continued investment in professional development for the nursing team with upcoming training sessions featuring industry experts from Metro CDC, HULC, and FSH.

Stay tuned to see what’s next as St John Urgent Care continues its commitment to growth and innovation in patient care.

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