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Urgent Care Placements Hot Stuff for Future Nurses

St John WA’s Clinical Facilitation program is celebrating back-to-back placements already confirmed with Curtin University, North Metro Tafe and others.

The program started in 2022 but has picked up speed under the careful guidance of Clinical Support Nurse Jenny Love.

Jenny joined St John WA in 2021 and said the initiative provided nursing students with comprehensive and diverse opportunities to develop their skills in a real-world healthcare environment.

Speaking after her placement in Urgent Care, Curtin University student Chloe said that she was thrilled with her semester six placement, and said an urgent care placement had become the “favourite” amongst her peers.

“Looking back on my time at St John WA, I can’t believe the difference in my skills and confidence from week one compared to week five, and that’s just a reflection on the value of this program,” Chloe said.

“My favourite aspect of the program was the mentorship, I always felt supported and encouraged to ask questions. In other work placements, there often isn’t as much of a priority on student-learning, but I found that the environment at urgent care, although fast-paced, was very much team-focussed.”

Chloe said that she now has a few new names to add to her CV, as well as a better idea of where she’d like to work once she graduates.

Jenny said the program provided a supportive and enriching learning experience for students and give St John WA nurses the opportunity to mentor and guide the next generation, reinforcing their own professional practice.

“Placement in urgent care as opposed to aged care or in a hospital ward, gives our students greater scope across their education – bridging the gap between theory and practice,” Ms Love said.

“The nurses are offered the opportunity to develop acute care skills, understand wound management and burns protocol, and gain exposure to a variety of patient presentations, as well as learn from a multitude of practitioners.”

St John Health Centres also offer GP, dental and medical imaging services, meaning that the Clinical Facilitation program exposes students to services and professionals they would otherwise not cross paths with until well into their careers.

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