Plumber visits the doctor for a vaccination

Why the flu vaccination is not just about you

Small business owner and plumber at Welshpool No Probs Plumbing Dillon Corsbie shares why vaccinating his workforce against the flu this year is critical for his business.

COVID-19 educated the world how easily a virus can spread, person-to-person.

Historically, the flu season in the colder months is a time of the year costing small businesses across Western Australia lost productivity. Tradies, particularly in small business, can be severely impacted if the flu strikes.

Decreased ability to meet schedules or urgent job requests can cripple the business with one or more tradespeople down. A day lost on the tools can be a day’s income gone.

Local plumber Dillon Corsbie has seen the impact of the flu season on his business over the past few years.

“In our small business of just four staff, if one is off sick for a week, we have to spread the work across the team or turn down jobs, meaning lost income,” explains Corsbie. A business reliant on emergency plumbing jobs and maintenance work can’t wait until the worker is well again.

“A flu vaccination for your staff may not be fool proof, but it’s quick and easy and gives peace of mind you’ve helped to keep your team healthy.”

Corsbie added that the community impact is also critical to his business.


“We come into contact with many people every day. We have a responsibility to the elderly and those at risk. It’s no longer acceptable to go into someone’s home and risk making them unwell, particularly when you can spread the flu virus before you become visibly ill.”

Aged care homes require all external guests and contractors to have had the flu vaccination before entering the facility as a safeguard for their residents. St John Ambulance paramedics are also required to be vaccinated if they are called out to an aged care facility.

Dr Tim Lipscombe, Head of General Practice at St John WA said, “A flu vaccination is our best protection against the flu. The Department of Health recommends all West Australians have an annual flu shot, and I’d especially encourage people who are more at risk of serious health complications to consider it.”

Corsbie said while income and a healthy team are critical for small businesses, the broader impact of spreading disease drives him to vaccinate year on year. “It’s a small amount of time out of your day, but it really is the best way to guard against the flu. I know my team appreciates it, and so do our clients.”

To book a flu vaccination, call your local St John Medical Centre.

If you have 20 or more staff, we will come to you. Call 9334 1299 or email St John WA to discuss your needs.

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